“The Slow”: Pilates

Pilates is the polar opposite of running. But like running, it’s been a life-changing exercise for me.

A woman wearing a white tank top and black shorts is standing in a gym.
A group of women posing for a picture in a gym.
A woman is exercising in a gym with a mirror on the wall.
A group of women posing for a picture in a gym.

Megaformer/Xformer pilates is done with slow movement on an unstable platform with spring resistance. Unlike most things exercise-related, the fewer reps you do, the harder it is, and stronger you get. It’s an opportunity to sloooww wayyyy down and prioritize graceful intentional movement. Because you’re resisting your natural instinct to take breaks/use momentum, having a good instructor is especially important!


Do as few reps as possible. Momentum is the enemy.


No rest is built into the workout between moves. Similarly, within each move, try to stay in the hardest range of motion and resist resting at the top/bottom of movements.


Body is worked in blocks, not alternating L/R. The goal is to burn out the slow-twitch muscles completely, until failure. WE ARE TARGETING THE SHAKES! Failure is GOOD!


Form is everything. So is practicing grace with yourself.