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The creative and whimsical stuff. The fruits of my inner goofball and desire to unearth beauty in the world.


If we’ve met IRL, it’s likely you’ve noticed I’ve got some ~interesting~ ink stickers. Most are mathematical, many are whimsical, some are meaningful. It's exciting when people ask about them; it's like a mini science outreach opportunity! Well, I present to you - a visual catalog & explainer for the concept behind each one.


Lactate threshold testing revealed that I ran “hard” too often and my “easy” days weren’t nearly easy enough for me. I went down a rabbit hole of researching the science behind it all…

Visually delightful explainers have fueled my enthusiasm and curiosity for science. In the spirit of digesting what I learned to encourage the running-curious and running-enthusiast, here is my take. Happy sponge-growing and brick-building, dear friends!


I left my corporate job in June 2023 with no plans for next steps. There wasn’t a specific moment I started feeling unfulfilled at work. I only remember the feelings/thoughts themselves: “I’m good at my job, but I don’t feel good doing it. I’m stressed constantly even though I don’t work that many hours. I feel inauthentic. I get most of my personal fulfillment from my hobbies. But lately, I even feel self-critical on stage and on the trails, which used to feel like carefree play.” 

I worked with my coach, Ahran, as I stepped into a messy journey of re-evaluating my values in career and in life. I started to realize that it’s okay to want a career that is personally meaningful, even if it leads me away from what is expected. And it’s okay if I don’t know exactly what that looks like yet.


Pacing people at ultras deserves more structured thought beforehand. There’s a unique opportunity to understand the psychology and motivations of your racer. I created this questionnaire for Leona, whom I pace regularly :-)

Two women wearing sunglasses and white hats are pointing at something.